PURROS PG-U3 Universal-Messerschärfer, Universal-Schleifmaschine Hersteller

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Der Universal-Trennschleifer PG-U3 kann zum Schleifen aller Arten von einseitigen oder mehrseitigen Kanten von Hochgeschwindigkeits-Hartmetall-Schneidwerkzeugen verwendet werden. Wir sind Universal Schneidschleifmaschine Hersteller in China. Willkommen bei PURROS PG-U3 universal Cutter Grinder zu kaufen.

1 Bewertung für PURROS PG-U3 Universal-Messerschärfer, Universal-Schleifmaschine Hersteller

  1. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Great product that works well & will safe moneny. This really works well. Got tired of replacing drill bits after burning them up. Other viewers are correct when they say read the directions & watch the operating instruction showing how to use. Without that, it would be impossible to figure out. After watching the operating instruction I sharpened my 1st dull bit. Worked like a charm! It was just as sharp as a new one. Preceded to sharpen a bunch of other bad bits. The process got easier and quicker with good results! In all I sharpened 7-8 bits in 20 minutes. I even did 1 split tip which also turned out well. This will defiantly save me money in the long run. I know I have another 15-20 bits laying around that I will take care of soon. Very pleased with this purchase & recommend it to any self hobbyist or DIY person/mechanic that goes though bits!

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